• Preparing Your Retirement

Our services are directed to people who work in Switzerland. We offer comparative solutions, regarding 3rd pillar, with the best Swiss companies, in order to optimize and perpetuate your estate in anticipation of your retirement.

We work hand in hand with trusted agencies, and we get very competitive offers which are especially adapted to our customers’ needs.

• Health insurance

We advise cross-border workers on the purchase of a health insurance. We offer basic coverage (LAMAL) as well as supplemental health insurance plans.

Our status as an insurance broker allows us to collaborate with many Swiss insurance companies, in order to have an array of several options that can meet each of our customers’ needs.

• Credit search

We have a large network of banking institutions, to offer mortgage (or real estate) loans according to your project. We can work in Switzerland or on the entire French territory.

Upsilon Council’s advisers are trained in cross-border specificities, for purchasing your property. Our approach is neutral, and our goal is to find a tailor-made loan, to allow you to realize your project.

• Taxation

The advisers in the Upsilon firm offer to analyze your situation, to study the possibility of potential improvements to your tax condition.

Cross-border workers can opt, in some cases, for a standard tax liability in Switzerland rather than being subject to retention tax. This special regime may prove to be very beneficial due to the many possible deductions. We carry out tax simulations in advance, which allow presenting optimization opportunities clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Borrow in € or in CHF?

A cross-border worker can borrow in €, in a foreign currency or even in € AND in a foreign currency.
Everything will depend on the personal situation and on each individual project.
We will show you the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario so that you can make the best decision knowingly.

3rd pillar in addition to an interest-only loan?

What is very interesting when we purchase in Switzerland is the indirect repayment.
This scenario is no longer recommended for a cross-border worker who purchases in France.

Can you tell me how much I will receive at retirement?

Yes, absolutely. For this we will ask you for documents concerning your Survivors’ and Invalidity Insurance (AVS), your occupational pension scheme (LPP) and your 3th pillar. We have the tools to make a precise calculation for you.

Who are your partners?

We work with a large network of stakeholders in the banking and the insurance industry, which allows us to offer very targeted solutions according to your needs and your situation.

What types of loan do you offer?

We offer several types of loans, but mainly housing loans (or mortgage loans), that we get from our partners.

What is your strength?

As a family brokerage firm, we wish to offer a tailor-made service and we offer each customer an appropriate solution. We also have a network of many partners, and our employees are systematically trained for the specificities of both sides of the border.

If I already have a 3rd pillar, is it useful to contact you?

Yes, it is always useful to provide an overview of one’s insurance contracts in general.

It is also valid for the 3rd pillar. Perhaps we can further optimize your pension plan.

In what areas do you operate?

We work on both on the Swiss and the French territories.

How many employees are there in the team?

We have 8 employees, all experts in finance and insurance.

What types of services do you offer?

We help our clients to seek and choose favorable loans, insurance solutions adapted to their situation. We help them plan their retirement and benefit from tax advantages.

How long has the company existed?

The brokerage firm was created in 1995, in the Canton of Geneva.

I want to buy an apartment, when can I contact you?

The best for you is to come see us before embarking on your project then together we can calculate your borrowing capacity so that you can know precisely what your budget is.

But you can also contact us once your project is developed to find you the best loan and to guide you until your keys are delivered.