Upsilon has been a family business for about 30 years and has been a credit broker established in Geneva since 1993.

We work in France and Switzerland to provide a complete service and take into account the particularities of cross-border customers. 

Our company is long-lasting because we have a vision for the long term. Over 30 years Upsilon has always been able to adapt to trends in the market and the requirements of the trade.

From the outset, we have worked primarily with individuals to help them find the best credit and insurance solutions, taking into account cross-border constraints when the client’s status requires it.

We have always been an independent broker, not belonging to any bank or financial group.

In a constantly evolving field, we have chosen to remain a traditional brokerage firm.

Our strength is our knowledge of our business, our customers, our partners, the market and our region.

“Learning experiences, everything else is just information.” Albert Einstein.


We recruit our employees for their sense of responsibility, empathy and ability to be in sync with plans of the client. We demand expertise, determination, rigour and willingness.

Our team is comprised of persons, all of whom are experts in mortgages. We provide all our employees with continuing education in order to offer a quality service.

Our company is licensed on both sides of the border. Supervised in Switzerland by FINMA and in France by ACPR.

Expertise, synergy and communication are the 3 pillars of our team’s success.


Comply with all regulatory provisions and code of conduct both with regard to clients and our professional environment.

Act with loyalty, competence, diligence and independence in the best interest of our clients.

Continually maintain our knowledge and skills at the level required by technical progress and economic and regulatory contexts.

Inquire about our client’s overall situation, their experience and goals before giving any advice

Use other professionals when the client’s interests require it.

Communicate the information useful for decision-making by our clients in an appropriate manner.

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