Whether you are a cross-border worker or not, your purchase requires a mortgage.


Whether you need a hypothecary loan to buy in Switzerland or a mortgage to buy in France, we recommend paying us a visit first, as soon as the idea of becoming a homeowner comes to mind. We will determine your loan budget (the maximum that a bank would lend you) and a purchase budget (the maximum price of the property to be sought).

This way, you can be more strategic in your searches and visits.

On the other hand, after studying your complete file, for a mortgage in France, we are authorised to provide you with the necessary certificates to ensure that the process runs smoothly. 

REDEEMING a mortgage

The primary purpose of a repurchase is to reduce the cost of mortgages. This can lead to a decrease in monthly payments or a decrease in the term. Unfortunately, it is clear that renegotiations with your own bank are often disappointing.

You may also use a mortgage redemption to exchange currency. The uncertainties of life! In the event of a new job (salary in € or CHF) or new use for the property (rental or main or secondary residence), it is possible to redeem a mortgage in Euros and to redeem a mortgage in CHF.



The main purpose of credit consolidation is to simplify the management of your budget by combining all of your existing loans into a single loan, one rate and/or one monthly payment.

The term may be extended and the cost increased, in return for reduced monthly payments and daily financial comfort.
You can consolidate mortgages, consumer loans, car loans, work loans, family debts and bank overdrafts.
Credit consolidation is available to anyone who wants to restructure their monthly expenses.

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