Are you looking to buy? We are here to help you!

Investing in real estate is not an insignificant act. It may be a well-considered act or an emotional act. The reasons and objectives are many, specific to each person and varying according to the stages of our lives.

You may be seeking to build a cosy nest, build up your assets, optimise your tax structure or prepare for retirement

You may be looking for a primary residence, a secondary residence or a rental investment. You may be seeking an apartment or a house or land upon which to build. In the Lake Geneva region or beyond.

Thanks to our numerous partners, we will help you in your search for property.

You will have the choice of buying old or new.

Whatever the case, we will select for you properties that meet your objective and your profile. The quality of the location and the quality of the building will be our priorities.

In new buildings (on-plan purchase (VEFA)) and thanks to our partners, we have very good access to all new real estate developments, current or in future, around us near the border. And elsewhere, too!

For older, or existing, properties, we spread out your search far and wide to our partner real estate agents in neighbouring France. We have more than 50 partnerships with real estate agents near the border and in Chablais, Pays de Gex, the Annecy basin, Geneva, the Arve river valley, Faucigny as well as the mountain sector.

Come see us in order to start a thorough financial analysis to determine your purchasing capacity

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